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KetaSpire® KT-820 is a natural color, low flow grade of unreinforced PEEK (polyetheretherketone) made by Solvay

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KetaSpire® KT-820

PEEK made by Solvay 

KetaSpire KT-820 is a natural color, standard pellet of low flow, unreinforced polyetheretherketone (PEEK) that can be used in extrusion or injection molding applications. The pellet nature of this grade make it unsuitable for compression molding, however, powder and fine powder grades are also available for compression molding and compounding applications. KT-820 contains a lubrication package to help molded parts release from molds and to aid product conveyance in plastic processing equipment.  A non-lubricated product is also available.

KetaSpire PEEK is one of the highest performing materials in the thermoplastic market and is known for exceptional performance at elevated temperatures and excellent chemical resistance making it a true ultra polymer.

KT-820 has a diverse feature set that make it a popular material for use in a wide range of extrusion and injection molding applications that are looking for a material that performs well in the following application spaces:

  • Metal replacement
  • Near net shape components
  • Harsh chemical usage environments
  •  Stock shapes - rod, tube, sheet & plate
  • Thick walled parts to be machined
  • Thermoset resin replacement 
  • Medical devices
  • Chemical processing
  • Assorted oil field tools
  • Connectors
  • Seals
  • Gears
  • Aerospace parts

Popular features of KT-820 are:

  • One of the highest continuous use temperature thermoplastics available
  • Excellent level of chemical resistance
  • Inherent flame retardant
  • Excellent all around physical property profile that delivers high stiffness and elongation
  • No adverse change in properties due to repeat autoclave sterilization 
  • Extensive list of regulatory listings
    • FDA food contact
    • EU directive 10/2011 
    • UL listed with yellow card : E140728-100211981
    • ISO 10993
    • USP Class VI

Primary processing methods of KT-820 are:

  • Extrusion - profile, compounding or stock shapes
  • Injection molding - thick walled parts
  • KT-820 can be processed on standard injection molding and extrusion equipment

Please contact ResMart if you would like to learn more about KetaSpire, discuss a material sample, or find a stock shape sample

KetaSpire is a registered brand of PEEK resin manufactured by Solvay

Additional Information

Data Sheet
ResMart Grade Premium Branded
FDA Compliant Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
ASTM D792   Specific Gravity 1.30
ASTM D1238 Melt Flow Rate 3.0 g/10 min
ASTM D638   Tensile Strength 13,800 psi
ASTM D638   Tensile Elongation 20 to 30%
ASTM D790   Flexural Modulus 540,000 psi
ASTM D790   Flexural Strength 21200 psi
ASTM D256   Notched Izod Impact 0.250” 1.7 ft·lb/in
ASTM D256   Unnotched Izod Impact No Break
ASTM D648   HDT (264 psi) 315 °F
ASTM D570   Water Absorption 0.10 %
ASTM D2240 Rockwell Hardness (Shore D) 88
SKU F22NA0001
Manufacturer Solvay

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