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About ResMart

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The Next Generation Distribution Option

ResMart is putting a new spin on the old model and empowering the plastic processor in the process. By offering up to 4 distinct quality grades per resin family, ResMart offers the plastic buyer line card optionality without sacrifice or compromise.

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Distributed and Local

ResMart is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and serves North America via 6 distribution centers, a national sales force and an army of material engineers ready to support you.

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Distribution 2.0

Welcome to 24/7 web order convenience including the option of paying by credit card. Get real-time pricing on the web any time. See the status of your account, recent orders and shipments all with a few mouse clicks. Better systems mean faster and more effective order processing which leads to lower costs. We are constantly improving our systems and technology to better serve you. Our site is mobile ready and device independent.

Technical Services

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In house material laboratories run around the clock to ensure you get the properties you expect.

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Processing Support

Need help processing a ResMart product? No problem. Our Technical Service Engineers are plastic processing experts and are only a phone call away.

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Material Selection

Need some extra intellectual horsepower when it comes to material selection? No problem! Our team of material engineers have thousands of application years under their belt and are at your disposal.

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Material Support

ResMart puts material support documents at your fingertips by posting all material safety data sheets, technical data sheets and material certificates online available for you 24/7.



ResMart Ultra

Our Ultra brand products are composed of the best offerings from the best manufacturers in the world. The Ultra products are truly the best of the best. All Ultra produts are lab tested, certified and come with a money back guarantee.


ResMart Plus

Our Plus brand of products are composed of products that are prime quality, lab tested and quality certified. Our Plus offerings have a slightly more modest property profile compared to our Ultra products, but the Plus products are competitively sourced to ensure we deliver prime resin for the best price.


ResMart Utility

Our Utility brand of products are built from a broader specification products. At ResMart we think of Utility products like factory seconds. The products are built from new materials but something minor is out of specification.

Contact Us

   1101 John Burgess Dr.,
       Fort Worth, Texas 76140
   Tel: 1-844-738-8806

Director of Sales
Jeff Olesen
   Tel: 281-299-1519